About Delytra

Elsa Delfieu has jewelry written in her DNA, she doesn't only see beauty in jewelry but also history and legacy.  After having discovered in Asia the gracefulness and natural glow of beetle's elytra, Elsa decided to carry on history and carve them a contemporary story. Delytra is born. Inspired by Egyptian breastplate and her grand mother’s ear and cuff jewels, Elsa designed a refined collection named “Jia” as well as other more colorful collections.

Delytra turns genuine bettle’s elytra from Thai forest as gems for each of its creations. Used in its original shape or carved as sticks or horns, Bettle’s elytra picture Delytra’s brand identity.

In History, beetle’s elytra has only been used by connoisseur: in Ancient Egypt they were the favorite gems of Cleopatre and still today certain civilizations sees them as lucky charms. First in Asia and then globally, bettle's elytra were use for centuries as trappings and in embroideries. Many dresses and jewelries made history thanks to the ornament of such unique material.

(Fully-grow Beetles only live 2 to 3 weeks and can only be collected in the woods for three months every year. Delytra are carefully retrieved and offered a new life as jewelry. )


sternocera aequisignata
Lady Granville s Beetle tiara and earrings
Scarabee Colection
Heaven of Delight Palais Royal Bruxelles
sternocera aequisignata